Can I add my own heads? What size should I use?
  • Anonymous December 2011
    Can I add my own sprinkler heads? What size or specs should I be looking for?
  • Lawnbelt_Staff December 2011
    The sprinkler kits configurable. For example, instead of the three full circle sprinkler, you could order one circle and two 1/4 circle heads...

    To do so please look at our Custom Kit. This kit comes with everything except the heads.

    The U fitings will take any 1/2" npt head. The distance between the U fitting is 1 -3/4" wide (where your head screws down between) Just dbl check these dimensions so your head will fit into U fitting ok.

    At the each head locations you will dig a small hole (roughly 9 inches or so) for U fitting and head and so that head is flush with top of sod.

    The LawnBelt runs between each head. It installs just below your sod line and root level (about 2-3 inches) - you make a slit in the sod and then press it down.

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